At Learning Support (LS), teachers and education managers can seek competent advice and feedback on both operational matters and continuous development of educational practices at ITU within:

  • Teaching and teacher competence development
  • Coordination of the course manning
  • PhD programmes from application to defence
  • Development and quality assurance of educations

Teaching and teacher competence development
Teachers are encouraged to contact LS regarding any topic related to teaching be it individual support and feedback on course design, choice of learning activities, teaching, supervision, assessment, teacher development or concept development. LS also offers workshops, courses and seminars to teachers and teaching assistants as well as a toolbox with examples of good pedagogical teaching practice. Additionally, LS explores and supports the usage of learning technologies and help teachers optimise the use of available tools.

Coordination of the course manning
LS has the main responsibility for coordinating the manning of courses. Furthermore, LS coordinates hiring, budget and payment of Teaching Assistants.

PhD programmes from application to defence
The PhD Support - which is part of LS - handles the daily operations of the PhD School and supports the Head of the PhD School, the PhD School Council and of course the PhD students.

What LS assists education managers with
Head of Studies, Heads of Departments, Heads of Study Programmes and Education Group require assistance with e.g. analyses, quality assurance, reporting, development, strategic ITU projects relevant to educations as well as with development and revision of study programmes.

Location: Wing 2E
Mail to Learning Support: learning@itu.dk
Mail to Course Manning: coursemanning@itu.dk
Mail to PhD Support: phdsupport@itu.dk
Wiki: learningsupport.wikit.itu.dk
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