Learning Support

Learning Support: 1C, first floor, IT University of Copenhagen

Teaching and learning support: learning@itu.dk
Course Manning: coursemanning@itu.dk

The Department refers to Head of Studies Lene Pries-Heje

Annelise Agertoftanag.jpg
Deputy Head of Learning Support, Learning Consultant
Room 1C07 | anag@itu.dk | +45 7218 5233

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Daily management of Learning Support
  • Support of teachers and managers on teaching & learning
  • Teacher competence development
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Quality assurance and strategic development of educations
  • Course Manning
  • Support of Head of Studies
  • Education Group

Pia Sødequistpsq.png
Course Manning Coordinator
Room 1C05 | psq@itu.dk | +45 7218 5329

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Coordination of Course Manning process
  • Course manning of Teaching Assistants
  • Administrative support of workshops and seminars for teachers
  • Financial follow-up on Learning Support and Head of Studies budgets
  • Other administrative tasks

Mikkel Hvidtfeldt Andersenhvma.jpg
Learning Consultant
Room 1C02 | hvma@itu.dk | +45 7218 5231

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Supports teachers on learning activities and assessment
  • E-learning
  • LearnIT support (didactic design)
  • Teacher competence development
  • Quality assurance of educations

Rune Koldborg Jensenrkje.jpg
Media Specialist
Room 1C02 | rkje@itu.dk | +45 7218 5252

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Video Production & Technical Support
  • Production of Podcasts/Netcasts, broadcasting, sound, etc.
  • Lead designer of learnIT as Learning Management System
  • Concept development, production and upkeep of e-learning courses.

For technical support, please fill out this request form.

Valeria Borsotti (maternity leave)Valeria Portrait.png
Diversity Consultant
Room 1C04 | vbor@itu.dk | +45 7218 5229

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Advice on issues related to gender diversity in connection with recruitment and retention of students, teaching and learning
  • Qualitative and quantitative research to identify diversity and inclusion challenges and opportunities
  • Development of metrics for implementing strategic interventions in relation to diversity of staff and students
  • Internal and external workshops that experiment with new ways to teach programming and software development
  • Management of network "Gender Diversity in IT"

Rikke Gammeltoft Gerwienrige-small.jpg
Learning Consultant
Room 1C02 | @itu.dk | +45 72185232

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Supports teachers on learning activities and assessment
  • Blended learning
  • Teacher competence development
  • Quality assurance of educations

Karina Garnier ChristensenKARC-wiki.jpg
Study Coordinator
Room 1C05 | karc@itu.dk | +45 7218 5294

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Support of Head of Studies
  • Elaboration of :
    • Investigations and analyses.
    • Strategic memos and reports.
    • Presentations and other documents.
  • Participation in strategic ITU projects relevant to education, ad hoc projects and development.
  • GDPR ambassador.
  • F2 super user.

Viktoria Hofbauer vikh.jpg
Study Coordinator
Room 1C05 | vikh@itu.dk |

Overseeing the following areas:
  • Supports Head of Studies
    • Investigations and analyses of specific topics and areas
    • Strategic memos and presentations
    • Process coordination
  • Maternity cover for Valeria Borsotti

Kristin Kaltenhäuserkristin_small.jpg
Student worker
Room 1C05 | krik@itu.dk |

Assists Learning Support on the following matters:
  • Support for gender diversity
  • Outreach activities

Melania Malmberg Skaarup mmsk-small.jpg
Student worker
Room 1C05 | mmsk@itu.dk |

Assists Learning Support on the following matters:
  • Preparation of written instructions for different processes and digital systems
  • Creating video based tutorials to support for example blended learning
  • Further development of Learning Supports presence on various digital platforms
  • Minor tasks regarding data collecting and surveys
  • Various ad hoc assignments

Julie Lyngsø Berg Jacobsenjulie_small.jpg
Learning Consultant (employeed in SAP, working part time for Learning Support)
Room 3D14 | juja@itu.dk | +45 7218 5066

Overseeing the following areas in Learning Support:
  • Course responsible for Introductory Teacher Development Programme for PhDs