Learning Support supports teachers and managers with operation and continuous development of education practices within the following areas;

Support and advice of managers, management groups and heads of programmes in the strategic development and quality assurance of educations
  • Assistance to Head of Studies
  • Support to Education Group
  • PPG projects relevant to educations
  • Development of new study programmes

Concept development as well as support and competence development of teachers regarding their courses, teaching, supervision and assessment practice
  • Teacher competence development
  • Advice on implementing international elements in courses
  • Inspiring new teaching practices by offering workshops and sharing of practice e.g. teachIT
  • Supporting and providing pedagogical advice in aligning course descriptions’ intended learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment
  • Digital technologies to improve both the quality and efficiency of teaching
  • Pedagogical use of learnIT

Coordination and development of the course manning process
  • Main responsibility and overview of process
  • Processing deadlines of course manning and hirings
  • Coordination and development of processes between departments
  • Budgets and payments of Teaching Assistants